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New law enforcement officers for Wynberg, Winter preparation, Wheelie Bin Safety and Expansion of the Wynberg Improvement District

CID wheelie bins

Our Wynberg team have been busy as always and we have an update from our managers to share regarding our new law enforcement officers in the area and other positive developments.

As we head into the colder months, we’re preparing you with some winter readiness tips to keep both yourself and your property safe. Additionally, we share some tips on keeping your wheelie bin safe so that you know it’ll always find its way back home.

Lastly, the proposal for the expansion of the Wynberg Improvement District is underway. Read more below.

On-the-ground Report from our CID Managers

Meet the Wynberg improvement district managers

Recently, we have seen the introduction of 16 Law Enforcement Officers being deployed into the Wynberg CBD.

These officers will be patrolling the CBD and policing a range of City By-Law infractions.

We thank the Mayor, Ald. Geordin Hill-Lewis, and Ald. JP Smith for their efforts in getting this deployment into Wynberg and trust that residents will give them a warm welcome.

We have seen the following results thus far:

Two arrests:

  1. Undocumented Person (Contravention of Immigrants Act)
  2. Possession of suspected stolen goods

5 different aspects were tackled under the following groupings:

  1. The Traffic Department running a Vehicle Control Point (VCP) on both Brody Road and Main Road.
  2. Foot patrols through the area in two groups.
  3. Inspecting the current tented camps in the Wynberg area, led by Inspector Ras.
  4. Roving patrols, led by Inspector Siyo, where Metro Police and Law Enforcement stopped and searched people.
  5. Foot Patrol with Alderman JP Smith, to introduce him to the problems encountered in the Wynberg Improvement District area, including the difficulties faced with the subways and drug-related issues.

Winter Readiness

The crisp air and cosy vibes of winter are fast approaching, but so are the challenges of rain, wind and potential disruptions. Don’t get caught off guard! We’ve got you covered with essential tips to navigate the season seamlessly. 

From keeping your property prepared and business functioning smoothly, to staying safe on the roads, these handy suggestions will help you embrace the winter flow. 

Are You Ready to Go with the Winter Flow? Clear the Clutter from Your Gutter Keep your gutters in optimal condition by ensuring they are undamaged, securely attached to your building, and free from any branches. Shine A Little Light Combat the winter darkness by checking your outdoor lights. Make sure they are waterproof, functioning properly, and free from obstructions. Trim Your Trees Give your trees the care they deserve. Trim any dead, diseased, or damaged branches to prevent breakage during storms. Stop the Slip Create a safe environment by adding doormats, anti-slip coatings, and slip grip strips to stairs and slippery tiles, reducing the risk of accidents. Clean Your Cameras Maintain clear visibility by cleaning the lenses of your cameras. Remove dust particles that can cause a muddy mess when it rains. Be Reliably Roadworthy Ensure the safety and punctuality of your employees by keeping your vehicle fleet in top shape. Check headlights, rear and brake lights, tyre tread, and windshield wipers. Protect Our Pedestrians Promote pedestrian safety by encouraging your staff to wear bright reflective clothing and to drive with caution on the roads. Report and Respond Take action when needed. Report instances of flooding or blocked drains through www.capetown.gov.za/servicerequests or the Call Centre on 0860 103 089. Power outages can be reported via SMS to 31220 or email power@capetown.gov.za. In case of emergencies, dial 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cell phone to reach the Public Emergency Communication Centre.

Expansion of the Wynberg Improvement District

Roelou Slabbert, Chairperson of the Wynberg Improvement District, applied for a boundary expansion of the WID in terms of the City of Cape Town: City Improvement District By-Law, 2023 (the “By-law”), read with the City of Cape Town’s: City Improvement District Policy, 2023. The proposed boundary expansion includes all non-residential and residential properties on the following streets in Wynberg: Benjamin Rd, Constantia Road (north side of the street) between Fleming and Lionel Roads, Lionel Rd, Malton Rd, Wellington Ave, Cogill Rd, Kemms Rd, Oak Ave, Wellington Rd, Devonshire Rd, Fleming Rd, Langley Rd, Sherard Sq, Wellington Walk, Dinsley Rd, Leon Terrace, Tenby Rd, Wilson Rd, Egglestone Rd, Vriedenhof Rd. (A map depicting these geographical boundaries is attached hereto as Annexure “A”.)

The WID Extension Steering Committee is pleased to inform you that their application to become part of the Wynberg Improvement District has been successful and will now move on to Cape Town City Council for approval per the Wynberg Improvement District Formal Notice of Application.  

The percent required for successful application was 60.1%.  Here is what was achieved amongst the Wynberg Extension property owners:

Consent:       63.1%
Object:            0.6%

Thank you to those property owners who participated in this process. 

View a map depicting the geographical boundaries of the proposed extension below.

Our next Public Participation Meeting takes place on:

22 May 2024 at 19:00
Church Street Methodist Church
72 Church Street

Find more information on the WID Extension process on our website here.

Wheelie Bin Safety

Learn how to keep your wheelie bin and property safe, or replace a lost bin, with these helpful tips.

Keeping your wheelie bin secure benefits both you and the community. Clearly marking your bin with your house number or address increases the chances of its safe return if it gets misplaced. But security goes beyond just the bin itself. To ensure your overall safety, be mindful of what you throw away. Avoid discarding medication bottles with your name or address visible. Shred any personal documents before disposal to prevent identity theft.

Bin placement also plays a role in security. Leaving your wheelie bin too close to walls or fences creates a potential climbing aid for trespassers. Ideally, store your bin in a designated area, like a garage or shed, whenever possible. If not, position it in a well-lit, open area away from fences and walls. By following these simple tips, you can keep your wheelie bin secure and reduce potential security risks around your property.