• Community Driven

    The Wynberg Improvement District (WID) works together with residents, local businesses and urban management specialists to create a rich urban environment in which the Wynberg community can thrive.

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  • Reliable Team

    Together with the City’s Solid Waste Department the WID provides tp-up urban cleaning services to boost the sanitation and safety of the area.

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  • Maintaining the urban landscape

    The WID performs small urban maintenance tasks to ensure a vibrant urban landscape, thereby improving the public environment in Wynberg

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Wynberg Improvement District

Moving towards a clean, healthy, safe future for our residents

We strive towards

Creating, managing and maintaining a safe public environment that is attractive to residents, businesses and their customers

Cleaning and greening public spaces and introducing a recycling initiative

Efficiently using resources to provide solutions for the challenges faced and posed by people living on the streets

Upgrading of public spaces

Drawing new investors into the area

Providing public safety and security measures in public areas