Request for Proposal – Wynberg Improvement District (WID) CCTV Project

This is a public Request for Proposal.  Therefore the information is available via the WID website as well.

The Board has taken the initiative to extend the public safety operations to the next level by implementing a CCTV camera network.  The proposed intervention will focus on supporting the current public safety and urban management activities thereby contributing to securing the area and driving incidents of crime down. This will be achieved by implementing live surveillance of the public areas by means of a full-time monitored CCTV camera network.  The WID area is already served by LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) cameras at key access points.

The project will focus on the implementation of 9 public surveillance cameras.  The implementation of additional surveillance cameras will be considered in future phases of the project.

Part 1 of the RFP requires suitably qualified companies to submit a proposal for the provision of CCTV monitoring services for the Wynberg Improvement District upon completion of the installation of the CCTV network (Part 2) and the linking of the High Site to the relevant monitoring centre (Part 3).  The relevant RFP documents are listed below:

Wynberg Improvement District CCTV RFP -Part 1 CCTV Monitoring Proposal – June 2020

Wynberg Improvement District CCTV RFP -Part 2 CCTV CAMERA AND WIFI NETWORK Installation Proposal – June 2020

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