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Chairman’s Report to the AGM – 2016

Wynberg Improvement District NPC
Registration No 2000/021770/08


A warm welcome to members, property owners and guests to the 15th AGM of the Company, the Agenda sets out matters to be considered and, where necessary approved by members.

SRA Policies & Management

SRAs are constituted under the authority of the City of Cape Town Special Rating Area By-Law and are designed to provide top up services in specific areas of operation to those provided by the City. SRAs are managed by a NPC in accordance with that By-Law and the City’s Special Rating Areas Policy. The Inter Services Liaison Department of the City is responsible for the monitoring and supervision of SRAs to ensure compliance with City policies and the PFMA.

Extension of WID Footprint

As reported last year we extended our footprint to all Main road properties to Constantia Main Road and commenced service provision during the last few days of January 2016 with property owners paying levies from 1 February 2016. The current 2016/2017 budget fully incorporates all extension expenses and revenue.

Core Activities

Core activities of security and cleaning have continued in accordance with our 5 year business plan on a 24/7 basis. Securitas, under the local site management of Rayno Joubert, have provided their good service level and attend efficiently with all our requirements and concerns. The Board has initiated a review of the security manpower complement with the intention of raising the level of service by the utilisation of higher grade manpower. We deal with almost 10 000 incidents pa covering every imaginable infraction of good behaviour and local by-laws. Our cleaners fill over 20 000 large bags pa with litter and assorted detritus, all as a top up to the service provided by the City.
Under item 6 of the agenda Athol Swanson and Rayno Joubert will report in more detail on the year’s operations.

SAPS Liaison

Weekly meetings are held with SAPS to liaise on operational matters and to review crime reports. Crime levels are considered low in comparison with other areas and in relation to the large daily influx of visitors through the public transport interchange. Drugs are a major source of concern and are a primary driver of many reported crimes. Following crime and security issues raised by SAPS with us, after negotiation with Wynberg Rotary, we took over management of their parking facility in Brodie Road from 1 February 2016.

We were sorry to see the retirement of Brigadier Riaan Booysen, Wynberg Police Station Commander, during the year. We enjoyed very cordial and fruitful relations with the Brigadier and he will be greatly missed for his many years of experience. We are fortunate that Colonel Nel, Head of Visible Policing, remains in Wynberg.

Social Responsibility

We continue with our social responsibility programmes designed to assist homeless people in many ways to alleviate their situation, be it organising documents, arranging medical care and assisting those who wish to return to their places of origin.

Informal Trading & Precinct Management

We reported last year on our interaction with the City Economic Development Director to appoint a dedicated precinct manager for informal trading and associated matters. This has been expanded into a City study to incorporate this into a plan for Urban Regeneration and management for the wider area of our footprint. WID has been asked to start the process for the establishment of a Business Forum to enable businesses to supply valuable input into the process.

Problem Buildings

Problem buildings are an ongoing concern. We report to the City Problem Buildings Unit any properties that fall under this classification. A number of properties in Ebor Road and Main Road are currently in legal process covering unpaid municipal accounts, illegal activities and overcrowding. We regret to report that the Unit is not always cooperative, but with the assistance of our local councillor, pressure is maintained on the Unit to improve their performance.


Home Choice completed their impressive new building adjacent to their existing headquarters. The long empty ex FNB building at 124 Main Road has been redeveloped to a high standard into a large sports store. Leisure Group has commenced their Phase 2 development next to Grand Central to provide affordable rental units for families. All these developments not only upgrade our built environment but give affirmation of the increasing attraction of Wynberg CBD as a good and safe investment destination.

SRA Forum

All SRA Chairmen and Managers meet quarterly at the SRA Forum with City officials and relevant Mayco members. Matters of common interest are covered and official policy interventions and solutions outlined. This enables SRAs to keep up to date with the latest innovations and thinking about urban problems.


Audited Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2016 show cash holdings of R409 000 of which R307 000 was carried forward from the previous year. This represented the balance arising from the Surplus Fund Project following the incorporation of its services into the extension project. Our build-up of cash reserves has been queried by some members as they feel we should expend all our resources on extra services. All companies are expected to keep cash reserves to cover unforeseen contingencies. The City Special Rating Areas Policy requires that “the quantum of financial reserves is not less than two months of the revenue received from the City in terms of the approved budget per SRA” In our case this two months requirement for the current 2016/2017 year is R712 000 and for 2017/2018 is R789 000.

Income from the management of the Rotary parking facility will contribute R100 000 to our reserve target this current year’


I wish to thank all those who give of their best to help us achieve our objectives and in particular Athol Swanson and Rayno Joubert. We appreciate there always some people who want more than our budgets allow. We are required to be aware at all times that we are dealing with public funds which are subject to proper scrutiny, ultimately by the Auditor General.

Finally, my thanks are due to the Board for their support and work during the past year.

Graham Flude
16 November 2016

News December 2018

News December 2018

Thank you for your support during 2018! Wishing you all the very best for a happy and safe festive season
and a new year filled with health, happiness and spectacular success. Warm wishes.

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Chairman’s Report to the AGM 2018

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