December 2017



We wish you all a joyous, peaceful and safe
Christmas and holiday season.


The Wynberg Improvement District continues to work closely with Law Enforcement and Wynberg SAPS to address safety issues in the area and the seasonal planning is in place.

It's the time of the year when there are more shoppers on the street and criminal opportunists are on the prowl. It's great to be in a relaxed holiday mode but please remain alert and aware of your surrounds whether at home, at work or out and about. Some advice from us…

• Remain vigilant and alert.
• Don't become a victim of crime.
• Be careful when drawing cash from ATMs and carrying cash.
• Ensure your wallet/purse and cell phone are secure to prevent pick pocketing.
• Don't leave valuables (or anything) visible in your car.
• Make sure your vehicle is locked before you walk away.

Don't create an opportunity for crime to occur.

The Wynberg Improvement District has introduced a night cleaning team to help keep the area clear of illegal dumping and litter and together with the City's Area Cleaning teams work continuously to keep the area clean throughout the day. We appeal to all to use the litter bins provided to help us achieve this.    



WID 24 hour emergency hotline
021 762 8016 or 082 681 9173

South African Police Service,Church Street, Wynberg
Operations Room: 021 799 1492
Sector 1 vehicle: 082 378 7747