Wynberg Improvement District

News Winter 2018
News Winter 2018

Keeping public areas safer and cleaner and the community informed of developments and happenings in and around the Wynberg Improvement District area.

While we welcome the long awaited rain we need to be mindful of the current drought we are experiencing and maintain our efforts to conserve and reduce our water usage at home and in the workplace.

Our Urban Management team have been focussing on the clearing and maintenance of the rain channels and storm water catch pits as a preventative measure to prevent flooding when the forecast heavy rains arrive.

In addition to maintaining a level of cleanliness in the WID area and addressing environmental concerns the Team removes aprroximately 3 500 bags of litter per month from public spaces, in addition to what City Cleansing remove. This includes general litter, illegal dumping and abandoned goods which could end up in the storm water system and cause flooding. To this end we have introduced a night cleaning team.

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