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Constable Gabier from Milnerton SAPS gives some excellent tips for your safety
Constable Gabier from Milnerton SAPS gives some excellent tips for your safety

We are all unhappy about the crime in our town and all over South Africa but we are guilty of creating opportunities for crime. Feed the hungry, not the criminal!
How do we create opportunities for crime?

1. By tipping illegal Car Guards. Any person who provides a security service must be registered and must provide his services in a sober condition.
We as citizens give money to people who are not guarding our vehicles but acting as informants to criminals and in many cases are the criminals.
We provide them with money to buy alcohol. We pay them to tip-off criminals where and when vehicles are available on demand.
Stop giving money is the only way to stop the problem. Not once could any so called Car Guard provide me with info after a vehicle was stolen under their noses.

2. We give money to children begging at robots.
It is illegal to give them money. If you give today they will be back tomorrow.
It is a fact and I witnessed that they are placed out there by adults driving smart cars.
By giving them money you make yourself guilty of funding child labour.
Cut the resources and the problem will stop!

3. We make use of Horse Carts collecting garbage.
They do not dump the garbage at legal dumps but drop it in open spaces in town.
Some of them are under age without operation permits.
They do not know traffic laws and is a danger.
Cut the resources to stop the problem.

4. We put out Wheelie bins the night before collection and leave it outside for days after collection.
We thereby creating the opportunity for strangers operating through the night and make it impossible for SAPS and the NHW to identify criminals uses them as a smoke screen.
They use your wheelie bin as a ladder to get over your wall or fence to enter your property and steal your stuff and use your bin to transport stolen goods.
Cut the resources and the problem will stop.

5. We leave our vehicles outside over night with valuables visible inside.
If you cannot afford someone to guard your vehicle please lock it away.

6. We open our doors for strangers who ask for food or directions.
It is not what they want; they want entry into your property. They check if you are home by ringing your door bell. If you answer they ask for food, if not the break in.
Do not open or allow them into your property. They are not so friendly and in need as they pretend.

7. We buy stolen goods at robot hawkers.
It is illegal to sell goods at robots as well as buying from these people.
Cut the resources to stop the problem!

Get involved with your CPF and Neighbourhood Watch and report. Do not become a victim, become a whistle blower.


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